This conversation is going nowhere!

You know the kind of conversation I mean.  You’ve probably been part of one… where every new sentence adds a new layer of complexity, frustration, and helplessness as each person seeks to have his or her point of view heard to the extent that no one is actually listening.

Taking a position in a conversation can be useful, but it can also become a block to further dialogue and resolution.  At that point you are simply looping the loop together until someone either escalates it, walks away from it, or gives up the will to live.

Conversational Intelligence® gives us a number of frameworks based on the latest neurological evidence, to understand how to have better conversations.  And since every relationship, team and organisation is built on relationships, sharpening up you C-IQ is a very good thing.

I am delighted to be one of the first people globally to be trained and certified by Judith Glaser to deliver learning and development using the full range of C-IQ models, tools and assessments.  Initially we are running 3 Introduction to Conversational Intelligence full day learning experiences in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.  We expect to continue to run these on a rolling programme.  Be the first to learn how to skilfully get more out of your conversations!   Full details from Jillian at, my leadership development company.