All work all play

013All over Aberdeen at the moment are dolphin sculptures, brightening up various parts of the city.  These colourful artworks are everywhere, and a talking point for residents and visitors alike.  This photograph was taken in Hazlehead Park last week when I was working with a group of Managers, and having fun along the way!

Although there is a serious side to dolphins, they are also playful and intelligent.  I read a Mark Twain quote this week which I’ve been pondering: “Work and Play are words used to describe the same thing under different conditions”.  I’ve been wondering how well I integrate both of these concepts into my daily routine.  I consider myself to be really fortunate to run my own businesses and therefore be my own boss!  However, even for me there is a need to check in sometimes and check out:  To what extent am I having fun today – and if not what am I doing to change it!!?

So have fun at work and work hard at having fun!  And if you haven’t got the balance right – change it!

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