The clarity of purpose


I pay attention when I hear or see a similar phrase that emerges in different places or at different times.  You know the kind of experience I mean.  You hear  a new word (or an old word you haven’t heard for a while) and before you know it you are coming across a cluster of them.

Purpose has been following me around since yesterday!

For me purpose is at the top of the metaphorical food chain when it comes to life and living, whether that’s personal life or professional life.  If you can be clear about your sense of purpose, then everything else flows from that.

This Marshall Goldsmith quote sums it up nicely: “Giving yourself a purpose adds clarity to all the actions and decisions that follow.”  So if you have a sense of purpose and are clear about what it is, you can be clear about what actions you need to take to fulfil your purpose, and decision making becomes much easier.  Every decision becomes a straight forward question:  Does this take me nearer to fulfilling my purpose, or further away?  It’s a kind of spiral… clarity of purpose, will bring clarity of thinking, clarity of action, clarity of decision making and so it goes on.

Was musing yesterday about merging the two words “Creative” + “Purpose” = Creative Purpose.  What could this mean?  Here are some of my doodles which are all in the form of questions (my trade as a coach is asking good questions!).

What could ‘creative purpose’ mean?

What would happen if I brought my creativity and my sense of purpose together?

What does purposeful creativity look like?

Is there a benefit in creativity without purpose?

In what ways could I be creative about my life purpose/my career purpose?

Clarify your purpose… then add some creativity and see what happens.  Would love to hear from anyone who experiments with this idea.

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