Passion always beats excuses

JGGrandpaGordonBegonias (2)

This is a picture of my grandfather, Thomas Gordon, taken many years ago.  It’s easy to see what his passion was!!  Begonias.  His memorial cup can still be won at the Ayr Show each year.

His passion was fired and fuelled by spending hours tending his precious plants, trying various combinations of soil, feeding, light position, and learning from every attempt to get the most beautiful large flower heads just at the right time each year.   He learned too from other gardeners, and reading Gardening magazines and listening to Gardener’s World.  Every year he learned more and his passion grew.  There was no room for excuses when it came to his passion.

So what is your passion?  What do you spend hours tending, trying various approaches, learning from every attempt, reading and listening about to gain greater skill in something that will bear fantastic flowers at the right time?

If you don’t really have a passion you might like to spend some time with an appropriate coach exploring your sense of meaning and purpose, or your sense of identity and values.  I challenge you in this moment… Go find your passion, and when you do commit to it with enthusiasm and excitement… and then watch the flowers grow in your life.

Passion always beats excuses!

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