Resilience Alphabet – G is for Gratitude and Generosity

As we continue to focus on Personal Resilience these two words are like twins for me. Gratitude for what we have (and often take for granted) and Generosity with what we have.

Today’s personal resilience challenge is to take a pen and paper (I know that requires some action on your part) and write down in three minutes as many things as you can think of that you are grateful for right now, and you might like to write in the comments how many you managed in your three minutes. It is good for our health, our mental health, and our sense of self to remind ourselves of what is available to us even in challenging times. I sometimes ask clients to keep a Gratitude Diary as a list on their phone. If this task is too easy for you, you might like to try putting 5 things on your phone you are grateful for every day for the next 28 days, one of them about yourself if you really want a challenge. I guarantee if you do this for 28 days you will feel the shift in your mood.

Which brings me to my second word. We are surrounded by acts of generosity right now and I don’t plan to list any of them here. For some, that means they are working on the front line for us. However, for all of us there are so many ways we can be generous with our time, our resources and our selves at this time; and many of them can be done safely from your home. Generosity is good for both the giver and the person who benefits – so get creative with what you can do with your personal gifts right now and boost your own resilience whilst supporting others.

How many things are on your gratitude list? And above all, stay safe.

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