Resilience Alphabet – H is for Hopefulness

This is the start of the second week of us thinking about Personal Resilience. How do you counter so much fear, anxiety and worry in the environment right now, to ensure your own well-being whilst keeping your head out of the sand?

Over the course of the last week I’ve had a lot of contact with individuals and teams of people and it is striking that some are working full out to give all of us the best chance of staying safe; some are prepared and waiting with increased capacity; some are self-isolating or home-working with or without children; and some are living alone. To some extent all of these people are dealing with the emerging challenge.

My curiosity is roused to wonder how much Hope and Hopefulness has played a part in your mental landscape this week. And if so, what is it you hope for? For me, Hope is, and always has been under-rated. As human beings we have the ability to future focus, and imaginations to allow us to experience the full range of thoughts and emotions of some imaginary place and time, and research confirms our future imaginings are as powerful as actually having the experience.

One of the best things you can do right now to protect and enhance your resilience is learn the art of Hopefulness. We do that by focussing and giving airtime to the hopes we have for future times, even in times of challenge and when we are worried about what is happening. It is not some kind of denial of what is: it is an expectation and a state of being that accepts what is whilst at the same time creates a positive mental space of future hopes, future activities and future plans.

Take some time today with a cup of tea or coffee, and pen and paper and just dream and hope and give your brain the chance to be filled with possibility and hopefulness. What steps are you taking at the moment to give yourself space to hope? Share your strategies in the comments below, and as always stay safe.

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