Resilience Alphabet – S is for Senses

If I live to be 100 and look back on my life, one of my moments of wonder will be sitting alone on Kaikoura beach at 5.30am in the morning waiting for the sun to rise. I left the campsite in darkness with camera and crossed over the railway to find a place to sit on the sand and wait.

I could see as the light started to come up a fisherman way along the other side of the beach, and apart from that nothing but the everchanging lightshow that lasted about 30 minutes. I have about 30 photos. I particularly love this one because of the contrast of the darkness of the sea, and that ball of light turning the sky to orange.

All was silent, except the rhythmic sound of the waves, entrancing and soothing, constant and re-assuring. I could feel the cool sand, and feel the gentle morning breeze, and internally I can still remember that feeling of wonder at being part of this amazing natural phenomenon that happens every morning and was happening in that place whilst my friends back home would be sound asleep. The smell and taste of the salty air completed the experience, and I simply sat and absorbed it all.

All of life is experienced through our senses… yes all of life. As we continue through this personal journey of COVID-19, and seek to maintain our own resilience, take 5 minutes today, or more if you can manage it and loose yourself in your senses. Be conscious of your ability to see, hear, feel, smell and taste as you look out of your window, go for your daily exercise, walk round your garden, look at a magazine or whatever opportunity you get today to simply stop, and wonder.

This sunrise photo reminds me that the sun rises at a different time around the world. Wherever you are reading this today, Stay Safe.

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