Resilience Alphabet – X is for x-ray

If you possess a paper-based Dictionary, you will quickly note that where there are pages upon pages of definitions for each letter, the pages for x run to precisely two! However, from my limited choice, x-ray is an important one when we think about personal resilience.

I’ve had a tendonitis/frozen shoulder problem since the beginning of the year. If you’ve had this, you have my sympathy. The problem with a shoulder is it is complex, it has many different parts, and there is virtually no activity you can do without engaging it’s help. And believe me, even with high levels of creativity you will find it quite challenging to do some very ordinary daily tasks!

At some point this shoulder is likely to be heading for an x-ray or more likely a scan. This has the potential to reveal what is going on, where the problem actually is, and allow for some decisions about treatments.

You may well be asking at this point, what does all this has to do with your personal resilience? Quite a lot, actually. We’ve been in this place called ‘lockdown’ for over three weeks, and if you’ve been following this Blog daily you will now have a lot of practical and pragmatic ideas to try or do to support your personal resilience and sustainability for the weeks ahead.

Today is the day to Stop and take a careful look under the surface. Perhaps these five questions will help you to do so. Best done with pen and paper… but in your head will do!

1. On a scale of 1-10, how well am I looking after Myself during these challenging times? Be honest and go with the first number that comes into your head.
2. What could I do more of?
3. What could I do less of?
4. What one activity, if done daily, would make the biggest difference to my own resilience and well-being?
5. How can I hold myself accountable for taking this one action daily?

The quickest way to build in accountability is to tell someone, or tell a lot of people of your intention. You will recall that right at the start of this Alphabet I told you I was going to Blog every day – that was building in accountability. If you are really committed to that action, I’m challenging you to share your action in the comments below, which may give others some ideas too. Meanwhile, as always Stay Safe.

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