B is for Balance

If I had been videoing you all week what would I have been watching and what might I conclude about the balance of your life?   Perhaps I would have noticed behaviours driven by compassion, helplessness, joy, fear, frustration, humour, anger, love.  Are there others you would add?  If you think about it most of our outward behaviours are driven by our feelings or our values.  

To get the balance right between what we want to deliver for others; and what we need to preserve in, and for, ourselves can be a challenge.  So I encourage you to do at least one thing today – even if it is for a very short time – which will ensure you remain resilient for all you plan to do throughout the rest of the day, or which will re-energise depleted reserves so you can continue to make impact tomorrow. 

Affirmation: “I am choosing sustainability and wellbeing by balancing tasks with recovery time.”