N is of No

One of the keys to personal resilience is the ability to know when to say No! A long time ago I was asked a question: “What is your ‘Yes’ worth if you never say ‘No’?”  It is, and always has been, important to say ‘No’ to some things in order to say ‘Yes’ to what’s important.  If we fail to make this distinction, we will simply arrive at overload, particularly in times of high stress.

Today think of the things you ought to say ‘No’ to, in order to ensure you have time and energy for the ‘Yes’ that only you can provide.  Take time to re-evaluate your current priorities, and when you say ‘no’ know that it is for a more impactful ‘yes’.

Affirmation: “I am saying ‘No’ to some things in order to say ‘Yes’ to my real priorities.”