O is for Open

In terms of personal resilience one of the best things we can do from a wellbeing point of view is be open about (1) how we are today, (2) what we are feeling, and (3) what our hopes are for going forward. 

This degree of openness comes more naturally to some than others.  Some will immediately go into thoughts when we ask them how they are feeling.  The answer to the feeling question is best described in one word. 

In my work with clients I often say of difficult thoughts and feelings that “it is better out than in”, that is, it is better to be expressed.  Whether that is releasing these thoughts and feelings through talking it out, writing it out, exercising it out or whatever.  Letting the steam out a little at a time is way more helpful than holding it in until it explodes.

Affirmation: “I am choosing to be open with those I know will help me reflect without judgement.”