R is for Remember

A couple of days ago I looked out my two Passports (of the electronic kind) to look at the photos stored on them, some of which go back to 1979!   As we’ve looked at them some have made us laugh, some are pretty awful, and many of them have been reminders of days out and family holidays, significant events and people, and times of much fun and laughter.

To build your personal resilience today, go and pull out some random photos or a photo album from before the selfie took over, and revisit some of the times that you thought were significant enough to capture.  Go laugh at what’s fun, remember important moments, and revisit happy times.  Write a list of 10 people you have photos of and get in touch with them.  You have a vast store of happy memories – what a resource to revisit at this time. 

Affirmation: “I am accessing my memory to build resilience by remembering happy times!”