W is for Walk

Whether you walk in the woods, in your garden, or round your house today is the day for taking a walk and as you do so engage with all of your senses: what do you see or notice; what do you hear; how do you feel or what can you touch; what can you smell; and can you taste anything?

Walking is more natural to us than sitting for long periods.  There is something both rhythmic and soothing about the motion, that leaves us feeling good and relaxed.  If for any physical reason you are unable to walk, look out your window and imagine that walk using all of your senses, or google ‘woodland’, or check out the Facebook page of Max Out in the Lake District. Where will you go for a walk today?  Make it a priority.

Affirmation: “I am intentional about using all of my senses today as I walk to build my personal resilience.”