Z is for Zebra

Of course it is!  Robert M Sapolsky got our attention with regard to Zebras when he wrote his classic book “Why Zebras don’t get Ulcers.”  We know that living in a constant state of stress is harmful for us.  That is why it is critical that we take seriously our need to actively and frequently find ways to give ourselves respite from the pressures of daily life in order to sustain our health and mental well-being, even if that is only for short bursts of time.

It is my strong belief that in order to serve others, including our family members and those we have contact with through work, or through other aspects of our lives, that is best done by looking after our own health and well-being..

Z is also for The End.  Although for me Endings are often an opportunity to begin again.  So either go right back to A or find another activity to continue your resilience journey.

Affirmation: “An end is just a beginning with a different name.  The resilience journey continues.”