Client feedback

Ken Blanchard tells us that “Feedback is the breakfast of Champions” and across her businesses Martha encourages feedback and has made a commitment to take every piece of feedback as a golden nugget of information of the best kind to continually improve client experience.

Here are some comments clients have made about being coached including some testimonials from our Plan for Success Events:

It’s not always easy to create the space you need for strategic thinking, goal setting and action planning…and also reflection.  Distractions usually prevail, but attending Martha’s Plan for Success Event gave me the time out, space and environment to achieve all three of those things and more.  Getting away from my normal surroundings, mixing and communicating with a small group of like-minded businesswomen, sharing ideas, gaining tools to use in my business and having fun were just a few additional highlights I gained from the event.  If you’re looking to gain any of this and achieve more, I can highly recommend this event.  Debbie Rennie, nRg Marketing

All in all, great event, great location, great group of people and great start to a successful 2014.    I really enjoyed the event, as it was a great opportunity to take time out for myself. Working with a small group of great people, who all were supportive and inspiring in their approach helped too. Martha facilitated everything with a quietly confident dexterity, adopting the flexibility to give each of us individual attention. Two days well-spent and thoroughly recommended!  Liz Taylor, Consultant

Great to take some time out to plan.  Martha provided the tools to keep me on track to really understand my goals.  Relaxed friendly atmosphere, ideal for making new friends too.  Fiona Henderson, Managing Director 

I have just returned from my first Plan for Success event run by Martha Simpson Coaching.  I would recommend this event to anyone who wants to step away from their hectic lives for a few days to have focussed thinking time in a peaceful environment.  Martha’s gentle style guides you through a planning process that provides clarity and destination!  Lucie Ross, The Talent Practice

“Thank you for a fantastic team coaching event looking at our purpose, mission and vision for Foyer Graphics.  It was brilliant to have clarity and the team are excited about the future.”    Laura McAra, Manager, Foyer Graphics

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunity of working with Martha.  It is a pleasure and is rewarding both from a business and a personal perspective.  Her detailed and targeted challenges have enabled me to focus on specific priority areas that deliver the greatest yield for my business and career.  I heartily recommend her as a skilled coach who displays high levels of professional integrity and credibility. ”   Derek Provan, Director of Airside Operations, Heathrow Airport

My coaching sessions with Martha have been invaluable.  At a point of massive transition in my life this process has allowed me to realise the tools I need to make the big next step.  I learned things that I know will be useful throughout my entire life.  I think everyone should have their own Martha!”   A. Wallace

“Working with Martha has enabled me to move forward with my business goals much faster than I could every have imagined.  My confidence has grown undoubtedly, my usual pattern of not taking time to smell the roses is changing and the heightened awareness I now have about myself, how to manage the lows and ways to maintain focus, drive and confidence is invaluable to my personal and professional development.”  Debbie Rennie, Marketing Consultant, nRg Marketing Solutions

“I have been working with Martha for the past 10 months and  have found our coaching sessions invaluable.  As a direct result I have made decisions that  have positively impacted the business for example introducing initiatives,  changing the way I approach certain situations or dealing with  individuals.  Each session has always  given me a clear focus and time to think through any issues I have, with Martha  facilitating this process with complete  professionalism, humour and integrity.” Karen Molloy, Director, Thorpe  Molloy Recruitment Ltd.

“Working with Martha has helped me bring to the  forefront the priorities that impact my business significantly. Management team  sessions and meeting with Martha on an individual basis, has enabled us to  extract the answers that so very often lie dormant within one self. Her  coaching style installs clarity and structure; we can now grow our business with  confidence.” Jim Davidson, Managing Director, ACI Limited

“I strongly believe in the value of coaching as a method of  ensuring ongoing business improvement  and have found this the case in terms of my own experiences with Martha, and  also as a result of her working with our senior management team.” Judith  Thorpe, Director, Thorpe Molloy Recruitment Ltd.

“We all have  fears and we can all do something about it.   The residential Coaching Retreat gave  me the chance to slow down.  It gave me  room to make my own choices.” Coaching Retreat Guest

“The whole experience  of the Coaching Retreat provided a  genuine escape and rejuvenation from the hectic insanity of everyday life and  its consequent pressures.  In today’s  lifestyle, we are constantly battling against the stresses of many challenges  and sometimes strive for perfection across all facets of our family/work life  style.  The Retreat allowed for the  unique opportunity to re-evaluate our life patterns, ensuring a new focus for  optimal success without the negative consequences.

In addition, the whole concept of the Coaching Retreat has provided a significant opportunity for  employers in the local area to offer an innovative corporate benefit to ensure  greater staff retention, and ultimate long term employee well-being.”  L  Webster, Director

“Coaching has shown me why I am the way I am and how I can  become the person I could be.  Working  with Martha has allowed me to finally take action against my confidence issues!     Leisha  Geddes, Robert Gordon University Award Winner

“For me the team  facilitation day was a valuable opportunity to spend a day with staff who  don’t often have a chance to participate in this way, and to work with them in  a completely different way to what is usual for us.” FR,  Regional Director

“The blue sky thinking  session was really exciting.  It was  great to see so many members of our team fired up and enthusiastic about taking  the company forward.” DM, HR Manager

“I enjoyed the 2 days and learned a lot.  I think it was time and money well spent and  it has allowed me to focus and reflect  on my practice and look at the areas which I need to change.  Thanks Martha – thought you did a superb  job.”  BS,  Manager

“An excellent day that lived up to if not surpassed my high expectations.” Karen Molloy, Director, Thorpe Molloy  Recruitment Ltd

“I have found the coaching incredibly useful, much more than  I expected! To set aside time to focus and explore my work with the help of a  professional is a really empowering  process – I would most definitely recommend working with Martha!” E.  Wallace, Chief Executive

“I was sceptical  about what coaching could do for me… Working with Martha has given me a new  perspective and more control over my work life balance.  I am happier and more effective in all  aspects of my life and career thanks to the strategies I have learned as a  result of coaching.  I am now a definite convert, and a huge fan of  Martha!” Lili Hunter, Lili Hunter  Consulting Ltd

“Since receiving  coaching from Martha I have become more focussed on what I need to do.  She has provided the space for me to sort out  my thoughts and to outline clearly the steps I need to take towards achieving  my main goal.  She challenged my  commitment to achieving my goals and helped me to look at obstacles that might  stop me from getting there.  Her coaching  made me realise that everything is possible and made me really determined to  achieve my main goal – I now have a plan!   The real effect of coaching for me is that it has changed the way I think.  It  has made me challenge my perceptions about myself.  It’s amazing.   I’ve got so much more out of it than I ever imagined.”  Private  client exploring career change

“There are a vast quantity of books that can be read on time  management, procrastination, work life balance etc, but it’s not until they are  opened up in a coaching environment that they become real….     Working with Martha has enabled me to set  a clear goal and develop sensible targets to achieve the main goal.  The road is not straight, there are peaks and  troughs, but having a coach makes the troughs easier to manage and the peaks so  much more enjoyable.“ Adam  Bolton, IT Manager