Coaching Explained

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an action focussed partnership that acts as a catalyst for exceptional results.

It is a structured conversation with a purpose and can take place either face to face or by telephone. Coaching is always about better results or outcomes for the client.

Who invests in Coaching?

Typically, Leaders who want to achieve greater success or be more effective without forfeiting health and life balance; strategic teams who need to act confidently, and business owners who want a neutral confidential partner to take business to the next level.

It is for those who want to stretch themselves to achieve above average results.  It is for those who value the support of a neutral partner who will stretch and challenge them, and hold them accountable for their decisions, but have no vested interest in the outcomes.

Personal clients typically are facing personal challenge or change and recognise the value of giving themselves the best chance of success by working with a coach.

The benefits of being coached

Research shows that coaching has an estimated return on investment of 589% – one senior manager recorded saving 32 hours per month as a result of coaching.

Coaching gives clients:

  • Time to focus on the important things
  • Clear actions from each session
  • Challenge without judgement or expected pay back
  • A confidential space to talk through thoughts and ideas
  • A neutral partner who focuses 100% on your success
  • Accountability that comes from the coaching relationship
  • Feedback and monitoring of progress against agreed targets/goals

Is Coaching for you?

When was the last time you had quality time with someone who:

  • had no personal agenda
  • listened without judgement
  • allowed you to try out your thinking in a safe unbiased environment
  • and enabled you to achieve exceptional results through an action focused partnership?

Martha Simpson Coaching specializes in coaching executives, leaders, strategic teams and business owners who are facing significant challenge or change.

When the change or challenge is significant, it’s important to be clear and confident about strategic choices and decisions.

The good news is you can enjoy a free mini telephone session to find out how you can use coaching to fast-track your plans and achieve your goals quicker than you would working alone.  We offer you this ‘no risk’ opportunity because we are confident you will be amazed at how much progress you can make in just 30 minutes.