Coaching Options

Clients come from a variety of backgrounds and experience, but all have one thing in common. Like an athlete who knows that working with a coach will bring out the best in them, clients have a clear idea of what they would like to achieve, improve or change, and recognise that working with a coach will help them to attain a higher level of achievement and success.

Martha Simpson Coaching is delighted to work with clients who are seeking:

Executive Coaching for senior executives and strategic leaders
Business Coaching for Directors and business owners
Coaching for women in leadership and women business owners
Team Coaching for Boards and Senior Teams
Personal Coaching for individuals who are facing or planning a personal challenge, or want to make significant personal change
DISC Personality Profiling for exploring your personality traits and preferences
•  for exploring your personality traits and preferences


Your Safety and Security
All Coaching Programmes are carried out within the parameters of the Martha Simpson Coaching Agreement, and the professional Codes of Ethics and Practice of the Association for Coaching, the Coaching Academy and the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development of which Martha is a Fellow.

After we explore what you want to explore with the coaching or the goal you want to achieve, a personalised Coaching Package will be developed with clear expected outcomes to measure your success. Six is the minimum number of sessions recommended. Book your free consultation here.

Coaches use many tools to work with clients. NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is one such powerful tool. Martha is a qualified NLP Practitioner. NLP is used in many coaching interventions, but can be particularly helpful in dealing with unhelpful habits, fears, conflict, communication issues and personal change. It is also a powerful tool in raising levels of confidence and self esteem.

DISC Personality Profiling

Martha Simpson is accredited to administer and interpret the DISC personality profile instrument. This enables you to benefit from including DISC profiling as part of your package of self development. Using psychometrics in a coaching setting is very different from a competitive selection environment, and offers a supportive additional insight for you, in helping you to raise awareness about your strengths and preferences.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQi 2.0)

Martha Simpson is accredited to administer and interpret the EQi 2.0 Assessment.  Emotional intelligence encompasses Self Awareness; Self Expression; Interpersonal Relationships; Decision making and Stress Management.  Collectively these abilities are a powerful tool in navigating life and work.  Understanding your EI profile, can give you a great starting point for areas to work on, and EI can be increased through coaching.