Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Martha Simpson is accredited to administer and interpret the EQi 2.0 Assessment.  Emotional intelligence encompasses self awareness; self expression; skill in navigating interpersonal relationships; using emotion effectively in decision making, and effectiveness of stress management.  Collectively these abilities are a powerful tool in navigating life and work.  Understanding your EI profile, can give you a great starting point for areas to work on, and EI can be increased over time and through coaching.

The Assessment also comes as a 360 Tool, where we can support you in reflecting on your own EI, simultaneously collecting feedback from a range of your colleagues/stakeholders.  This gives you the opportunity to understand how you are perceived by others, including those who report to you, and those to whom you report.  This is a valuable tool, and gives a good baseline for further development.

This is a robust and highly validated tool.