Personal Coaching – with NLP

Taking the decision to invest in your own development is a powerful message to yourself and the world that you take yourself seriously! It can be a life and career changing decision. You can invest in a range of Personal Coaching Packages, and this can be either face to face, by telephone or a combination of both. Depending on the topic you want to explore with the coaching or the goal you want to achieve, a personalised Coaching Package will be developed with clear expected outcomes to measure your success. Six is the minimum number of sessions recommended. Book your free consultation here.

Coaches use many tools to work with clients. NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is one such powerful tool. Martha is a qualified NLP Practitioner. NLP is used in many coaching interventions, but can be particularly helpful in dealing with unhelpful habits, fears, conflict, communication issues and personal change. It is also a powerful tool in raising levels of confidence and self esteem.