Team Coaching

Team Coaching The alignment of strategic teams is critical to the success of any organisation. Team coaching gives a regular opportunity for the team to measure its performance against clear goals and outcomes. The primary focus on action and results gives clarity and direction to the activities and behaviours of individual team members. A Team Coaching Package can be stand alone, or can be developed in conjunction with Away Day facilitation.

Thinking out of the office often leads to thinking out of the box! When looking at strategic direction, review or planning it is often helpful for senior teams to be free from the trappings of office interruption and contact. Having that time facilitated by an external skilled communicator frees everyone up to participate.

The difference with days or half days facilitated by Martha Simpson Coaching is that in addition to skilled facilitation, you can enjoy aspects of team coaching and will leave with a clear and agreed Action Plan.

Prior to the Away Day the structure of the time will be carefully planned in order to fit with your priorities and agreed outcomes. Away Day facilitation is never just an ‘off the shelf’ approach.

All facilitation will result in a clear set of outcomes, and an action plan following the event. This is for you and your team if you want to be a top flight team.