Coaching Skills Training

One Day Introduction  to Coaching

This thought provoking and enjoyable workshop entitled “The  Seven Steps to Understanding Coaching” was developed by The Coaching Academy as  the ideal introduction to the world of coaching.  This day is for you if you have only a little  knowledge of coaching – but curiosity to find out more about coaching and how  it can be applied to your situation.

Three Day Coaching  Skills Training

Developed by Martha Simpson Coaching, this is for you if you  want to add coaching skills to your existing repertoire of management and  leadership competencies.  Over the course  of three days you will learn about what coaching is, and equally what it is  not.  You will learns the basic skills of  coaching, and have opportunity to practice your new skills in a safe and  supported environment, using a variety of models and tools.  This package is perfect for in-house  delivery.

8 Session Coach the  Coach Package

This package is based on two simple ideas:

  1. If you want to learn great coaching skills, be  coached by a great coach!
  2. Coaching is a great learning and development  tool which can be readily applied to learning coaching skills!

Working one to one with you, sessions are 90 minutes long  and split between being coached and learning coaching skills. The sessions are  normally face to face, but some can be carried out by telephone to let you  experience telephone coaching.

This package can be followed up by a further tailored  package if required.

“Martha Simpson’s vision of coaching as an essential tool in both professional and personal development chimes well with The Coaching Academy, the leading coach training organisation in Europe.  The Coaching Academy recommends a very limited number of the UK’s leading coaches.  By choosing to work with Martha Simpson Coaching you have the reassurance that the very best in the field of coach training believe Martha Simpson is exactly the right person to take you exactly where you want to go. Martha is one of only 4 licensed trainers in Scotland.” The Coaching Academy, London