Coaching Topics

Uniquely, Martha Simpson Coaching does not offer set  coaching programmes.  Each coaching  package will be constructed around the needs of the individual client, and the  timescale with which they want to work with a coach.

Coaching can be face to face or by telephone – both work  well in achieving results although each client will have a preference.  Again this will be discussed in developing  the best approach for each client and may be a combination of the two.

Coaching can be used to explore and achieve a range of  goals.  Common topics and themes are  highlighted below.

At an organisational level:

  • Planning for strategic success
  • Organisational change and development
  • Responding to the external climate
  • Developing strategic teams

At an  individual level:

  • Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Conflict
  • Decision making
  • Personal growth and development
  • Life balance for sustainability and success
  • Managing myself – including my time
  • Personal change
  • Improving Emotional Intelligence
  • Building resilience and Stress Management
  • Career management and change
  • Preparation for promotion
  • First 90 days induction support
  • Return to work from absence

The purpose  of the coaching and the expected outcomes are agreed at the outset.  Otherwise you won’t know how to measure  success!  So whether you are looking for   Executive Coaching ,  Business Coaching , or  Personal Coaching   – you can  be sure of success you can measure.

Then again if you want to develop a strategic team,  you can opt for team coaching and facilitation, coaching training for line  managers, or for something completely different a  coaching retreat which can be designed to fit your team.