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Resilience Alphabet – Y is for Yellow and YOU

It has been said that Yellow is the colour of spring. We have seen a lot of yellow on our walks of late, comprising a wide variety of plants including primula, daffodils, tulips, primroses, and marsh marigold; and among the many birds we have seen we have watched goldfinches and yesterday saw yellow hammers, which we haven’t seen locally before.

We have talked about the passage of time as the very miniature daffodils in the village were first to flower a few weeks ago, and we actually first noticed them in the dark out walking one night. Now they are past, and the taller varieties of daffodil are in different stages of flowering. We see goldfinches every year at this time, and then they mysteriously disappear for a bit, presumably hatching eggs and brining up chicks.

Yellow is such an uplifting colour. Take time today, and hopefully most of you will be able to have some time off today, to spot all that is yellow in your environment, or find some paints or pens, or some magazines and make a large yellow picture or collage to greet you every time you come into your kitchen. Keep it as a symbol of hope and reminder that ‘this too will pass’.

And Y is also for YOU and with this post comes an Invitation with your name on it. Tomorrow sees Day 26 of the Resilience Alphabet and the last letter of the alphabet. I will continue to post here things which I believe may be useful to your personal resilience on a less frequent basis. However, if you want to continue on the personal resilience journey, I am going to run an evening 30 minute Resilience Webinar per week using material I have developed for my Public Sector clients to support those in government, health, education and social care over this time. That way I get to transfer a further 6 hours a week from Blog writing to the growing demand for support to those working in these areas. At the same time, YOU can have the benefit of the Time to Think Resilience Webinars©. Let me know as soon as you can if this is of interest to you.

Meanwhile, go paint the town Yellow, and as always, keep safe.