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Resilience Alphabet – J is for Journal

This is Day 10 and if you’ve been following these Resilience Alphabet posts you will now have a number of simple, practical approaches to sustaining your personal resilience in these challenging times. Of course, tools in a tool box are best used.

I wonder if you keep a journal on a regular basis, journal from time to time, or have never considered journaling at all. I have a list at the front of my journal which gives 26 reasons for journaling and this picture shows some of my journals so you can see I journal regularly. I don’t make a chore out of it and don’t journal every day but a few times a week. I recognise it is something I have done more of when life has given me lemons!

From all of my work with people, and my own experience, I know how important it is to get stuff that is rumbling around your brain outside of it and one of the useful ways to do this is to write it down. We use a different part of our brain to see and read than we do to ruminate. Writing can help us to get rid of some of the jumble and structure our thinking; it can help us to explore our feelings in a safe way; it can help to give us perspective; it can help us to let things go; it can helps us to reflect; it can help us to process challenging experiences. I could go on but perhaps there is something here that would be useful for you right now.

You don’t need a dedicated nice notebook to journal. Grab any pad or even a pile of paper from the printer… don’t however reach for the laptop or ipad. There is not space in this post to go into detail so just know that using a pen and paper uses a different part of your brain than a keyboard and screen.

Perhaps you are thinking ‘I don’t have time for this right now!’ Set your phone timer for 6 minutes and just start writing. When the 6 minutes are up stop… Try that for a few days and see what happens.

Would love to see your comments here about your journaling experience – go play, and stay safe.

Resilience Alphabet – I is for Intention

You may be surprised at my choice of word this morning. After all I could have gone for Inspiration and written about the many acts and conversations of inspiration we have seen over the last 10 days. In my work, I have been truly inspired by the dedication and commitment of some of my clients to working on behalf of all of us in so many ways – seen and unseen. These truly are the Sunflowers in our lives right now.

However, in terms of your own personal resilience I want us to think about the importance of Intention. Having a good intention unfortunately sometimes results in the phrase ‘I had good intentions’ by someone explaining what they didn’t manage to do in spite of good intentions. So if we are going to set a good intention for our personal resilience in this time of additional challenge, we want to think about what actions, accountabilities, or checks we will put in place to meet the intention.

Of course, it goes without saying that for there to be any commitment to an intention, the intention has to have real benefits or outcomes in the first place. So pause… what do you need to be intentional about right now in terms of self care and resilience. It is likely to be something pretty simple that could have a profound incremental effect for you. It is also likely to be something that is best done frequently, even daily.

Recognising the value of some structure during times of change, I decided on four daily intentions about 10 days ago to keep a sense of rhythm and control over my daily activities. These are: Get outside at least once a day, write a 6 minute journal every day, write a Blog every day, and make contact with someone I have no reason to each day.

I believe the more stressful and unstable the environment, the more important it is to have clear intention, and in these times when many people are focussed on the needs of others, it is important to personal resilience to include intentions for personal resilience. Perhaps I’ll reinvent a phrase and say before taking care of all the other Sunflowers, take care of your own Sunflower first.