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B is for Behaviour and Balance

The thing about behaviour is that by its nature it is largely visible – it is the part of us that others see. Behaviour can be observed at many levels. Last night we saw country-wide behaviour. Thousands of people standing at their windows or doors clapping their hands to applaud the people who are working tirelessly for us all on the front line. If someone had landed from another planet at 8pm last night I wonder what they would have made of this community and its behaviour!

Today I want to think more about a smaller dimension of behaviour – Yours. If I had been videoing you all week what would be the behaviours I would have observed with regard to your interactions with others, and what would I had made of them? Perhaps I would have noticed behaviours driven by compassion, helplessness, joy, fear, frustration, humour, anger, love. Are there others you would add? If you think about it most of our outward behaviours are driven by our feelings or our values.

In these times of high demand for your behaviours to be focussed and impactful, it is also important to think about the focus and impact of your behaviour with regard to your own well-being. It is hard right now to get the balance right between what we need to deliver for others; and what we need to preserve in, and for, ourselves in order to serve others well at this time. So I encourage you to do at least one thing today – even if it is for a very short time – which will ensure you remain resilient for all you plan to do throughout the rest of the day, or which will re-energise depleted reserves so you can continue to make impact tomorrow. Perhaps you can encourage others by sharing what that one things will be.

Stay safe – and be kind to you too

Passion always beats excuses

JGGrandpaGordonBegonias (2)

This is a picture of my grandfather, Thomas Gordon, taken many years ago.  It’s easy to see what his passion was!!  Begonias.  His memorial cup can still be won at the Ayr Show each year.

His passion was fired and fuelled by spending hours tending his precious plants, trying various combinations of soil, feeding, light position, and learning from every attempt to get the most beautiful large flower heads just at the right time each year.   He learned too from other gardeners, and reading Gardening magazines and listening to Gardener’s World.  Every year he learned more and his passion grew.  There was no room for excuses when it came to his passion.

So what is your passion?  What do you spend hours tending, trying various approaches, learning from every attempt, reading and listening about to gain greater skill in something that will bear fantastic flowers at the right time?

If you don’t really have a passion you might like to spend some time with an appropriate coach exploring your sense of meaning and purpose, or your sense of identity and values.  I challenge you in this moment… Go find your passion, and when you do commit to it with enthusiasm and excitement… and then watch the flowers grow in your life.

Passion always beats excuses!