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Resilience Alphabet – W is for Walk and Woodland

Today’s action is to post a photo! Whether you walk in the woods, in your garden, or round your house (!), let’s amuse each other today by posting a photo of our daily walk. I took this photo yesterday.

It’s been interesting to watch the development of the Daily Walk for many people. We are seeing people on a regular basis around the village that we’ve never seen before as the habit of daily walking kicks in with of course appropriate social distancing. About six months ago I took part in 5K for 50 days, and I tell you the number of people walking 5K every day at the moment is probably higher than it has ever been.

Walking is more natural to us than sitting bent over a desk. There is something both rhythmic and soothing about the motion, that leaves us feeling good and relaxed. We are so fortunate to have the lovely woodland photographed in this picture at the end of our village. There are many walks and paths we can take giving us variety if we want it, and we have enjoyed watching the development of different flowers and adding to our list of what we’ve seen. We have also been hearing and seeing a wide variety of birds and were delighted to watch a tree-creeper yesterday, whilst at the same time listening to a spotted woodpecker with its unmistakable knocking. Walking has given us time to appreciate the variety of nature on our doorstep.

What are you seeing and hearing on your daily walk? And, of course, if you are not having one now is a great opportunity to set a time each day to get out and have your daily exercise. Of course, some will be physically unable to do that due to either isolating on account of COVID or being unable to walk for other health reasons. Perhaps you could google ‘woodland’; follow a few outdoors lovers on social media; download one of the relaxation apps and go listen to woodland birds; get paints or colouring pens out and draw a woodland.

I woke up this morning to a post written by David Simpson Photography on his Facebook page about an overnight trip complete with beautiful photos. Banff Mountain Film Festival is also screening selections of films right now. So go walk, or enjoy someone else’s walk, and don’t forget to post us a picture today no matter where you go.

What to do when you are ‘stuck’?

2004_1116Image0080The picture was taken in Italy on a walking holiday when after a shower of rain the muddy clay was an inch deep on the bottom of our boots.  A friendly helper to the rescue!

I’ve been working as a professional coach for seven years and have come to recognise that when clients are ‘stuck’ a number of things may be happening!

(1) Being stuck is a feeling as well as a thought.  What does being stuck feel like for you?  What images does the word stuck conjure up for you?

(2) Being stuck may be completely unconscious.. I don’t know I’m stuck but I know things are not as I want them to be.

(3) Being stuck may be precisely what the feeling is immediately prior to a significant breakthrough.  The stuckness can almost be like a labour pain (!!) – great when it’s over but part of the journey to success.

(4) Being stuck may be a feeling created by overload and the stress level of the situation simply leaves one unable to take the next step.

When recognised and confronted honestly (sometimes with another trusted person in a supportive but challenging environment) stuckness can be reframed from a Barrier to a Door just waiting to be pushed.  The other side of stuckness is a great place to be!

So, what to do when you are stuck?  Pay attention to the feeling and the thoughts associated with that feeling.  Know that it is temporary – if you choose it to be.  Know that one step at a time may be the way to go… and seek professional or informal support from someone who can be both supportive and challenging to help you get to the other side of stuckness.  Someone who can be your best coach through the process.